Skyscraper a2a

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Custom content fix?
Sorry for not updating sooner, Haven't launched hammer in quite a while now. I have finally packed the custom content into the bsp file. It seems to have worked as far as I can tell, I tested by renaming the 'tf' folder and having steam create a new one, the custom props appear visible in game.

Hopefully it works for anyone who downloads (Provided that I uploaded the right file this time).

The file is still version a2.
Sorry, last update has the original file rather than the updated one, I have now updated and replaced the file correctly.
Thanks to the two people who gave me feedback. I have attempted to focus on reducing sniper sightlines and making the map less open.

I still have issues with the map, and will now work on them, below is a list of the things I have changed, I probably missed some. Thanks again for the responses, I hope that I can improve my mapping ability, and that the changes I have made are sufficient.

- Added a building to surround the central point.
- Widened all existing bridges to the central point.
- Added a longer, covered path to mid.
- Added extra cover to block sniper sightlines.
- Removed unnecessary props from the central point.
- Added a new path around the second point.
- Added a wall next to second, to close up the room and give attackers more ways to go.
- Extended cover around the second point and on the upper battlements to reduce long sniper sightlines.
- Moved left door to last closer to the centre.
Added a glass window in the second->last transition room. To reduce sniper sightlines.
- Made last point more narrow.
- Added a wall blocking one entrance, so defenders cannot jump onto the point directly from spawn.
- Added large window textured walls in the centre of the last room to close it up.

The central area of the map reminds me of Hightower, considering this would a different game-mode other than 5cp suit it better?

2016-02-24_00001.jpg 2016-02-24_00002.jpg 2016-02-24_00003.jpg 2016-02-24_00004.jpg 2016-02-24_00005.jpg