Skybox a1

A map that simulates wall hacks in a VAC-less environment.

  1. Idolon
    KotH Skybox is a small map where everything is rendered in the 3D skybox, allowing you to see everyone and everything at all times. This map does not work if you have r_3dsky 0.

    I made this map back in 2013 for April Fools. Maps were submitted in secret, and I never followed up with a map thread because I didn't think much of it. That was a mistake, because apparently this map was good enough for someone else to claim as their own, so I'm publishing it myself.


    1. koth_skybox_a10002.jpg
    2. koth_skybox_a10003.jpg
    3. koth_skybox_a10004.jpg
    4. koth_skybox_a10005.jpg