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Sky Lock b1

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pretty much anything that was once rough is almost complete now.
- biggest changes were to the ourdor areas and lowering the oob detailing so its visible.
- revamp of detailing in half circle thingy (NOW DARK AND MYSTERIOUS)
- revamp of launch hatch area detailing
- some more skybox detailing especially on blue side
- added a cow
- added some detailing to lower area of capture room
- revamped the metal girders in middle
- updated materials/detailing in stairs from red outdoor to red lobby
- updated lighting in red truck hall

20180624224239_1.jpg 20180624224458_1.jpg20180624224308_1.jpg 20180624224427_1.jpg 20180624224323_1.jpg 20180624224355_1.jpg 20180624224315_1.jpg 20180624224339_1.jpg
- Added rocket (still is WIP but its nice to have something!)
- Lengthened one of the flank routes so it takes longer to get to the point (should take close to the same amount of time as other paths)
- Updated soundscapes on blue side
- Fixed some bugs/feedback identified by others
- changed capture point time from 10 -> 8 seconds
- added some cover to center capture pointt
- decreased size of farther battlements area
- added big pipe boi to middle catwalk where old point was located
- art updates based on some feedback
- art pass on path that overlooks mid
- removed detail that was out of visible area to palyer
- Moved capture point to a more central location
- Reduced cap time by 2 seconds
- Block off stairs from mid level to upper level in mid
- Blocked off half circle path thing
- Varoious bug fixes based on playtest feedback (collision, lighting, art bugs)


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- Removed the girders on center walkway
- Small detail pass
- Added a cool screen thingy that changes based on who has the point capped

20180525152348_1.jpg 20180525152411_1.jpg20180525152642_1.jpg
- Added stair way in mid
- More detail pass, especially in the garage areas
- Fixed error model
- Repacked map so its smaller in file size
- huge detail pass
- lighting pass
- updated/moved/added a few health pack locations

20180523161715_1.jpg 20180523161730_1.jpg 20180523161738_1.jpg 20180523161754_1.jpg 20180523161809_1.jpg 20180523161824_1.jpg20180523161641_1.jpg 20180523161836_1.jpg 20180523161627_1.jpg
- added health and ammo kits to lower garage areas
- added health and ammo kits to half circled halway as well a more interesting layout
- detail pass that I am probably going to regret

20180512165245_1.jpg 20180512165159_1.jpg 20180512165223_1.jpg20180512182650_1.jpg20180512182658_1.jpg 20180512170616_1.jpg 20180512170628_1.jpg
- Added new route from spawn
- increased size of 1st lower lobbys
- Added resupply lockers
- Added another healthki/ammo location
- Added soundscapes
- Lowered roof of seconed