Sinshine rc3

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This map is well over 6 years old at this point, but I feel like I should probably critique it anyway.

The artpass is pretty good, it's above average but it's not breathtaking.

My main issue with this map is how long the respawn time is. Why is 10 seconds the minimum amount of time to respawn? That's just maddening, especially when you have Halloween contracts and you don't get points when your team captures the point when you're dead. That's a problem in itself, but holy god the wait time on here makes it nigh impossible to get the cap bonus. I can understand if the spawn time is longer because 5cp is infamous for stalemating, but there are other ways to go about this now. What about adding skeletons that run around when a round is taking too long too long to finish? What about having "sudden death" when the round timer somehow runs out? This map is good, but it just needs something.
Great work on Sinshine! You deserved it to be added!
A very well done and overall perfectly goofy artpass of sunshine.
Wouldn't be surprised if this got in as Halloween version.
Had a lot of fun on this map. Not nearly as random as the other maps and the first 5cp Halloween map in the game, it is my favorite event map this year.