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Silvertrail RC2

By Ravidge

  1. Ravidge
    A gravelpit-style capture point map.

    Alpine mining theme, based on silver mining industry in Yukon (Canada).

    Release candidate (basically final)!

    After having their base of operations blown up in the big Gold Rush, red team decides to invest in the silver industry. This time they made sure not to build any tracks on which deadly bombs could be delivered.
    Blue team however, doesn't need any stupid carts when the enemy seems to have put the explosives in place themselves...

    Reds Objective: Repel the invaders.
    Blues Objective: Blow up the TNT storage.


    1. cp_silvertrail_b30001.jpg
    2. cp_silvertrail_b30002.jpg
    3. cp_silvertrail_b30003.jpg
    4. cp_silvertrail_b30004.jpg
    5. cp_silvertrail_b30006.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Veltha
    Version: RC2
    Great looking map, with a very cool atmosphere. The only complain I have is that it feels kinda empty since there's way to few props (Like crates or boxes).
    Version: RC2
    Pretty awesome