Siege Machine

Medieval Siege Machine A6

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Version A6: Hired a professional medieval city planner named Althalos Terrowin to redesign the entire 2nd stage to be more village-like.

-Ye Olde Changelog-

1st Stage
  • Adjusted blu spawn to make the front area slightly smaller.
  • Moved some of blu's spawnpoints to the other side.
  • Widened left cave blu spawn exit.
  • Made bridge over water more narrow.
  • Removed a flame for arrows outside blu spawn.

2nd Stage
  • Redesigned entire stage
  • Stage 2 cart moves faster

20180522035838_1.jpg 20180522035915_1.jpg 20180522040055_1.jpg

  • Increased Red respawn timer

Stage 1
  • Catapult wont trap you when it spawns in.
  • Boxes in spawn can't be broken.

Stage 2
  • Fixed being able to push cart before setup ended in stage 2.
  • Added spawnroom trigger to red spawn.
"Fixed Stage 2 Round Timer"

How I did not realize that was an issue during debugging is beyond me. Maybe cause I skipped to stage 2 immediately instead of capping the cart at the last second.
Apparently the custom health and ammo packs crashed people's games, so I've removed them.
It's been a while, but hopefully it's been worth the wait. The highly requested second stage is now ready for testing!

Changelog (for stage 1):
  • Removed scaffolding from Blu spawn in favor of the jump system from the end.
  • Made the catapult more obvious.
  • Slightly more height variation along sides of cart path.
  • Adjusted the large health pack bridge and cave.
  • Adjusted the positioning of some rocks.
  • Deleted the rocks around the outpost.
  • Added more ammo pack for snipers.
  • New gameplay sounds.
  • New models for ammo and health.
  • Adjusted env_light
  • Reduced max time to 5 minutes
  • Reduced starting time to 4 minutes.
  • Reduced time bonus on cap to 3:20 minutes.
  • Setup time reduced to 35 seconds.
More height variation. (more dramatic height differences in some areas)

  • Redesigned middle area with a new fort area for more interesting sniper battles.
  • Slightly more height variation along track (I used displacements because it was easier than redoing all the brushwork for the ground).
  • Fixed the "climb" feature.
  • Reduced max round timer length to 5:30 (from 6).
  • Reduced time bonus after capping 1st to 4 minutes (from 4:30).
  • Added a sign to mark A (1st cap).
  • New brush over Blu's spawn wall prevents shooting enemies during setup time.
  • Fixed the main respawn visualizer not displaying properly.
New Pics:
20170607162628_1.jpg 20170607163020_1.jpg
Read all about it:

  • New catapult for blu that enables after 1st is capped.
  • Blu is able to "climb" the tower at the end cap.
  • New fence and rocks to cut some sightlines.
  • New bridge to some health at cliff.
  • Max timer reduced to 6 minutes.
  • Removed cart rollback.
  • Adjusted Blu's spawn.
  • Adjusted Red's wall to reduce fall damage.
  • Adjusted the cart so that you can't get stuck as easily.
  • Demo charge ramps from within Red base.
  • Added spectator camera.
  • Painted the displacements because everything being dirt was hurting my eyes.
  • Fixed the health not being meat.
New Pictures:
20170605213256_1.jpg 20170605220532_1.jpg