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Siege Gamemode a3

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This one's small, so small that if anybody is using a2, they can change their file themselves if they desire. If two or more people die at the same time on the capture point, the trigger that counts how many people are standing on it will only count the one person leaving it instead of multiple people. To combat this, the trigger that counts what team is standing on the point will also tell the PD adding machine to stop adding entirely if nobody is on the point; this will stop ghost players from existing as a result of multiple splash kills.

To change this yourself, add this to the corresponding triggers (brushes found at middle):
trigger_multiple named koth_blufilter: OnEndTouchAll > siege_player_counter_blu_math > SetValue > 0
trigger_multiple named koth_redfilter: OnEndTouchAll > siege_player_counter_red_math > SetValue > 0
Vast improvements on everything, to see it in action, check out siege_waldhofen_a2b.