Sidewinder a8

Highlander Focused Experimental 5cp map

  1. Chrytin
    Sidewinder is an experimental 5cp map oriented towards pub and Highlander play, with an emphasis on increasing engineer's viability in the mode. This is facilitated through the use of a static spawn room and dynamic spawn yard, tremendously increasing the effectiveness and importance of teleporters.

    Sidewinder's mid draws heavy inspiration from a now obscure koth map from 2010 named Peaks, once notably showcased by Star_, who spoke highly of the map for it's elevated but well balanced center point, thanks in large part to well covered and separated side routes. Sidewinder incorporates some of these design elements into its mid, while intertwining them with the layout of second.

    Second takes inspiration from Dustbowl, featuring an elevated control point, foot bridges between buildings, flank tunnels, and elevated side routes. Finally, last is an original layout, featuring a perpendicular design, under spawn flank route, attacker balcony and dropdown, and a death pit. From a highpoint at mid, each successive point descends downward around the spawn building, allowing for interesting potential for vertical gameplay.

    Special thanks to Doc for continued support throughout development.


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