shrub a2

Competitive oriented 5CP

  1. trees
    This is a competitive oriented 5CP map I've put together over the last week or so. There was a focus to keep the play areas compact and rotations between them reasonably short. Some inspiration was taken from an old map called cp_wetcoal for the mid and cp_coldfront for the last point.

    Credit to fuzzymellow for the amazing jungle grass texture pack.

    If you feel like giving feedback, I'd be happy to hear it!


    1. a1_mid1.png
    2. a1_mid2.png
    3. a1_connector.png
    4. a1_2nd1.png
    5. a1_2nd2.png
    6. a1_lobby.png
    7. a1_last1.png
    8. a1_last2.png
    9. a1_overview.png

Recent Updates

  1. reupload
  2. epic update