Shortbeach [Frontline]

Shortbeach [Frontline] A1

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Shortbeach [Frontline] A1

Frontline style Payload map placed at a beach

A small map i made for the Frontline! Community Project.
This is my very first TF2 Map, but i think it turned out quite well.
I still didn't get cubemaps to work, sadly. And im searching for a modeler.
I would need models for:
Destruction at last point (Crates, barrels, preferably the Crates have that Tune sign on it)
And a Destruction of a small sign as seen when capping the first Capture point.
They would both need animations, which would be the hard part. But i would greatly appreciate the help and would add you as maker on the workshop version.
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  1. Shortbeach A1

    Renamed to A1. If this caused any errors, get the steam version (And tell me of course)