Shoreleave RC2

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It is a very good payload map and I really enjoy the frontline assets.
Hands down one of the best payload maps that isn't in the game. Would definitely add it to the game if I had the choice XD
This is a beautiful map, I would love the have a Rottenburg style payload map, this visual theme is as of right now only used in MvM, which is separate from casual. A map like this deserves all the map stamps, medals, featureds, what have you.
This map is absolutely fantastic, parts of it remind me of Pier now that that map is in the game. Its a shame Valve don't add non seasonal maps anymore, but if they were to start I bet this would get in as one of the first.

The detailing throughout the map is stunning and watching the progress update videos was really interesting
Incredibly polished map !
Really nice detailing and good use of props that fit the environment and war attitude.
A small nitpick I personally have is that all forward spawns should have at least 2 exits to stop spawn camping, especially BLU's spawn in the hedge by checkpoint B. I find that spawn in particular to be a bit cramped and choky, I would personally expand that spawn room and allow for perhaps an upper and lower exit.
Lovely map and super fun however since frontline is actively ignored i would reskin it in a more alpine theme so valve will pay attention
How is something actively ignored?
great! hope this will be in the game officially
on of the best maps out there!
Great map and gameplay! I especially love the final, after a8. Had a lot of fun testing it!
The pinnacle of TF2 Frontline Development.
Great Map for a Great Update!