Shoplift Scanner (model)

Shoplift Scanner (model) a1

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Shoplift Scanner (model) a1

For Ze_Shoplift

Here is my Shoplift Scanner model I made for the 72 hour jam. You may notice that despite being modeled, UV-ed, Collision-Meshed, there is no model download. The actual work took around 12 hours, half of it searching model tutorials and downloading 3rd party Source tools for Blender.

As much as I intended to export this using Crowbar, it has come to my attention that the newest 2.8 Blender version of Blender's Source Tools plugin does NOT work for exporting as of this Jam. Even downgrading 2.79 with older Source Tool plugins, and exporting & importing from new to old simply broke both the object and my tolerance.

I like little intricacies that would be less practical with brushwork, like the curved top, the light, and small middle detectors. I had full intentions to publish a working model in TF2, though I've been cut short of my Jam's project due to a technical roadblock I could not have forseen. I expected and experienced difficulty modeling, it was guaranteed challenge.

It's whatever to me if this is seen as "low-effort", I really tried and spent a whole day on this alone troubleshooting to no avail. All I have to show for it is a workspace picture. I did the work, I just couldn't export it no matter how hard I and others tried to get working.
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