Shipyard m1k

you many wounder in a very industrial themed game TF2 has no docks. So i fixed that maybe...

  1. Free TNT pilot (la viv)
    20191117201000_1.jpg Shipyard layout (its bad i know):

    so (from Blu spawn) this map starts out in a sewer sytem underneath the control point Blu team must make the climb with the 2 ways up to it. The 1st control point is meant to be a construction site. if the point is caped blu team then must push forward into the dock yards. The red dockyards have had a train crash in them (hence the chaos) There's a single ship docked, Unfortuity for Blu red has set up a small defense around he Control point.

    let the battle begin (or just spawn camping)

    More Info:
    i suck at lighting, its likely not to be very balanced and such but first map i posted here so enjoy (or just hate). I have play tested with bots for quite a bit so ja.


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