Shipwright a3

A mirrored 5cp map in a shipyard

  1. bigge upd8

    Updated every square inch of the map.
    Middle point:
    lowered capture point platform
    shrunk overall size of the play space
    altered the layout of the stairs near the container side of the map
    added some shit inside the room before mid

    Transition between mid and second:
    Reduced the length of the yard.
    Reduced the length of the downward ramp to alternative route into warehouses
    added containers to run through and jump on
    Added a balcony above entrance to middle
    Added an awning above upper...
  2. fixed packing

    fixed packing
  3. updated layout

    - reduced size in area between last and 2nd.
    - removed a window in area between last and second
    - updated layout of lower area of last.
    - reduced the size of lower area of last.
    - added environment hazards to water.
    - updated layout in the warehouse points.
    - some crappy art pass on random areas.