Shippery mc11_a3

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Shippery mc11_a3

11 microcontest 3 CP KotH map set at proxy island

Despite the fact most people recognise this island as one of the biggest pineapple distributor, it's just a disguise for being a checkpoint for ships carrying weaponry and ammunition from weapon factories directly to badlands. The most valuable points are the watch tower, damaged warehouse of fruits now used as for weapons and that huge monstrosity of water pile used for, as locals says, refining pineapples and storing them
Gameplay revolves around three points on the median of the map. They're watchtower, wreckage and storage. For timer to start countdown of your behalf of time, you need to capture any 2 of these. Once it's done, third one automatically assigns to your team and 30 seconds added to enemy's time.

Is being an entry for 11'th microcontest "Rule of threes" and also a remake of

Map is in very early access, as this is concept I rushed within 5 hours and is giving very rough idea about how I want map to be gameplay-wise. Design is not persistent
TH3 D34DL3$$
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Patch #2

    - Fixed minor bug when in certain situations team could take control over all points by capping only one of them instead of two
  2. Patch #1

    - Fixed logic working correctly for BLU team; - Fixed RED being able to capture BLU's points if not all points are owned by certain team
  3. Postfix

    - Added version postfix to the name of the file