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Shelter Pro wrc2

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Shelter Pro wrc2

An unauthorised Shelter edit!

A "competitive" version of Shelter (version RC2) that dates back to October 2020, but was only recently brought to my attention. I had nothing to do with it; whoever did it never asked for permission and I've never gotten a name. I'm only uploading it here for archival purposes.

Changes (as far as I can tell):
* Re-themed to be grassy alpine rather than snowy alpine (of course)
* The hut inbetween A and B has a route going through it, connecting A to the route beneath B
* The roof of said hut can now be walked on and jumped over, and a pile of crates and barrels has been placed by B to allow players to climb up to it
* The route beneath B has shallow water in it (Half-Life 2 water lol)

Credits for the original map still apply.
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