Sharp RC9

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-Fixed a game breaking bug because of one texture
-Added leaf particles by Exactol
-Remade the jump pads, new particles by Yrrzy
-Fixed a bunch of bugs
-Front, mid, and hatch got pretty makeovers
-Added a new flank path and shortcut from mid to hatch
-Added more cover on the left path
-Robot engies will now build their tele on the path bomb is on
-Added flank paths
-General facelift around the map

-Added a no spawn protection spawn for robots
-Fixed general bugs and issues
-Added 3 new missions

-Autumn Equinox by Braindawg
-Sudden Equinox by Gettysburg
-Daybreak Directive by BotRot

-Fixed nav errors
-Added a titan spawn
-Fixed a few visual bugs

-Added multiple wall lights around the level
-Added some extra detail

-Artpass pretty much finalized
-Fixed numerous stuck spots
-Nobuild-ed a few areas sentry busters can not reach

-Added a normal mission

-Artpassed some more
-Fixed nav around mid building
-Adv mission changes