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sharkfarm a3a

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First release
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. alpha 3 hot fix

    turns out I compiled a3 without B and nobody bothered to tell me that I messed up. So here we go. Shuffled some health packs and adjusted cover for A.
  2. alpha 3

    I forgot what changed but I know blue got a forward spawn, some pickups were added and I think the one way path is closed off til blue caps A now. Spawn times might have been adjsuted too. Oh and finally added that observer point so players arent...
  3. alpha 2

    * Moved one way further away from spawn + Added slightline blockers to areas to try and keep the open spaces down a bit + Added rock on A + Given the cubby by A more cover, hoping to incentivize engis building there + Added Medium ammo next to...