SharkBay B4c

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. fixes and some small changes.

    dans cette version: ( in this version * in france )

    - Added some windows to the building close to the ship which has this big balcony. only 1 of the windows is open.

    - The third route to the point was slighly changed.Now it looks better and there are no major sightlines from there.

    - Light was added to some dark areas.

    - the ship's "roof" got moved down a little bit , so as to make it easier for classes as scout to jump up on. ( i dont think making it available for all classes a good idea - even if i have a nobuild up there )

    - Finally, I fixed a few more issues like a small sightline that was under a prop that the other team could neither predict nor react at all. ( since it wasnt visible ).

    Notes time Baby!
    So far the playtests are going pretty good! So good infact that I may go to beta next week if everything goes as planned. I want to keep testing the map a little more just to make sure. I noticed that you guys think the map's layout , structure and overall performance is good enough that i should start texturing. I will pretty soon dont worry. If i learnt something almost 3 years now mapping , is that i shouldnt rush but take my time.

    Oh and before I post this I want to say that I am taking part in the new payload contest. I will upload the map early December I believe , so look forward to that.
    20181117152811_1.jpg 20181117152816_1.jpg 20181117152832_1.jpg
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