SharkBay B4c

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. Artpass Update!

    In this update:
    -The whole map got textured. apart from a building in the center which I have to idea what to do yet.
    -Blue side is almost fully detailed.
    -Added Sharks to the map ( hopefully people will stop complaining that there is no shark in sharkbay lol )
    -added more clipping
    -added some soundscapes to the map.
    -added 3D skybox ( not 100% done either )
    -More details around the map were added.

    I would like to thank my good friend cig0073 who provided me with the shark model and in the future with more props and animations. and Da Spud Lord for making a custom "func_croc" for the shark to work in my map.
    Thanks to them this update was possible.

    Personally, I am pretty Happy with the map , how it plays , how it looks and I cant wait to see it in action.I decided to release the map earlier to get feedback from you guys and I hope you enjoy it. I will fully detail it soon.
    I shoot for B4 to be the update the map is almost there. We will see.
    As you can tell from the screenshots My main focus was on Blue side rather than Red. I had more ideas for that side and they turned out to be great. In the future I will show more Love to Red team.
    Something you will Notice while playing the map is that each base and spawn is completely different from the other. Thats something 2fort does pretty well and I wanted to mimic that in a good way. In short I didnt want both sides to look the same just with different colors.

    I would love to Hear what you got to say about the map and if you got any feedback leave them down in the comments. 20190117212647_1.jpg 20190117212710_1.jpg 20190117212753_1.jpg 20190117212806_1.jpg 20190117212816_1.jpg 20190117212830_1.jpg 20190117212839_1.jpg 20190117213041_1.jpg 20190117212859_1.jpg 20190117212910_1.jpg 20190117212922_1.jpg 20190117212929_1.jpg 20190117212937_1.jpg
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