SharkBay B4c

This Is a map set on a port. there is an accessible ship there with a full health pack as well.

  1. A few small but maybe important changes.

    in dieser Version:

    * the control point's trigger is now smaller. ( as big is the cover around it approximately)

    * Fixed a small lighting problem with a door.

    -And a change that I may regret but because we are still in alpha and I heard many people saying that the ship needs some more attention......-

    * made it possible to go on top of the ship ( on the high ground when previously only soldier , demo and scout was able to go ) accessible to all the classes. ( you have to climb those 4 blocks to get up there though.)

    Personally, I am really happy with how the map has turned up but I wish i could keep the large capture area but what can you do? sit here and argue? Anywayz.
    So.... I did all the changes I had in mind. to be honest I dont know what else to do. Maybe keep improving some areas? Not sure, time will tell.
    If everything goes well, I will go to Beta( start detailing) by the end of the Month. And also thanks a lot for your feedback guys! it helped me a lot and I wish the final product will be worth it.
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