SG_Offworld A2

Stargate, but it's Invade CTF

  1. B!scuit
    You travel to other planets to steal resources and...
    deliver them to the enemy team!?

    It's standard Capture the Flag but:
    - You deliver the Intelligence to the ENEMY base
    - The Flag spawns on another planet, which can only be accessed by Stargate / Teleporter

    The rules of the Stargate are:
    - Stepping through a Stargate will teleport you to another planet
    - Stargates are one way, only the dialed stargate can be entered safely
    - Entering a Stargate from the wrong end will result in instantaneous death

    This is my second CTF map and it's 6 months older than it looks
    (took a while to figure out the CRAZY logic)
    So, uh, sorry about the terrible layout. I'm still learning.
    Also I should learn the difference between Copyright & Fair Use


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