72hr sfm_techmap Still heavy W.I.P

Spytech themed SFM map

  1. The Siphon
    This map is not finished, I haven't even properly ported this to SFM. This is simply my progress during the jam.

    This is a spytech themed SFM map. It's a red base out in the desert. This map is created for Source Filmmaker, so it isn't a normal gameplay map.

    However, the map isn't ported to SFM since it's not finished. The first floor is done, but I have planned to have 2-3 more levels under the ground.

    If you want to check this map, run it in singleplayer tf2 and look around the place. NOTE: This map has a lot of small edges and details that you might get stuck on in tf2.


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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed small problems