SFM Beta Content for Hammer v3

From the Filmmaker to the map maker.

  1. Version 3 : Well, I can't think of anything witty to put here.

    - Lowered all model texture files from 7.5 to either 7.2 or 7.4 VTFs
    - Removed the easel's cubemaps
    - Removed alarm_bell_system
    - Added a handfull of new props, listed below.
  2. Version 2: Well, the textures are usable now.

    - Fixed most textures in the 'materials' folder. Hopefully this fixed a bug where people's texture files could corrupt.

    - Removed some files for either being too small, overriding in-game texture/models, or just broken beyond all repair. The models received the bulk of this.

    - Added a new variation to the hospital_wall textures for better tileaility.

    - Renamed "wall011" to "wall031" as it was overriding an in-game texture

    - Removed many signs and overlays, as I am really bad at fixing...