SFM Beta Content for Hammer v3

From the Filmmaker to the map maker.

  1. SnickerPuffs
    Have you ever thought to yourself, "I want to use SFM Beta props and textures in my TF2 map."?

    Well, probably not, but here you go. Taken straight from the official SFM Beta is (most of) the files used in the SFM Beta!
    Some content in this pack:

    - Mint-green walls!
    - 4 different flavors of ashtray!
    - Models from scrapped animations!
    - A bus!
    - FOAD signs!
    - A painting of the ending scene from Meet the Medic!
    - And many more!
    I need some serious help with these models and textures, as they are poorly optimized for normal TF2 gameplay and mapping. If someone could make optimized versions of any of the models or textures, add collision models, or reformat the models to be static props, that'd be greatly appreciated.


    - MaxofS2D, for hosting the original pack on his website for nearly 4 years
    - Valve, for making the original assets used in this pack


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  1. Anonymous
    Version: v3
    cp_medichospital ?
    1. SnickerPuffs
      Author's Response
      I mean, If you want to make one, go ahead.