[SFM Animation] Dead Ringer First Timers (Description) 2017-08-05

My "first" animation.

  1. Professor Heavy
    NOTICE: Due to compression failures, the file just barely fits into the max file size. Please see the attached video for a YouTube version.

    We've all been there whilst using the Dead Ringer for the first time, admit it.

    Speaking of first times, I haven't made an animation in years.. and this was created in about.. 2 hours of Source Filmmaker? Rushed, but I don't have a choice, I'm going on vacation soon.
    As a result, there's a high chance it will be counted as an effortless entry, but hey, I had fun making this and I have never done this in a while.

    Before you offer criticism, note that
    • I had an extremely limited timespan (I'm aware of the robotic movements, but couldn't fix them easily and in time),
    • Little knowledge on animation theory (implying that i used it)
    • I have not used Source Filmmaker in a long time (for animation, at least.. 1-2 years.)

    I do intend on improving this if possible, but I may not be able to do so within the time as I will be on vacation.

    i'm gonna go ahead and make a quick assumption; the fact that the audio is not made by me counts as a violation of rules? if so, still fun to make and all.

    god, publishing things to the internet scares me so much.