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Sewage Way A9

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-The main lobby with the 2 ramps is now changed to an outdoors area

-The spawnroom door to the left is intended if the other door is overwhelmed with spawn-campers. Most enemy teammates can't acess it, as there is no ramp to it.

-added ramp in the room behind the battlements

-Sewage canal is larger in width.

-Room between the intel room and the sewage canal. The vent is removed.

-Skybox is boxed only around outside areas. The older versions had the skybox boxed around the whole map, while the skybox in this version only covers places that are outside. This will speed up compile time and make it somewhat faster.

-Added more detail brushed to make the map more like 2 factories with a canal.

-and some more fixes I forgot.


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Changelog: This is a small mini - update for the next revision of this map. Part 2 is coming soon.

-Added room that you can run around in just across respawn.

-Made the Flag / Intel rooms much larger, large enough to jump around in

-Removed the lip from Canal. There are ramps for each building that lead to their respective bases.

-Made entry that leads to Vents more larger. They should not be confused as detail only.

-Changed drop off area near respawn. Might remove it completely in the next part.

-Added another passage that leads to Intelligence room. This was actually originally going to be added in the very first revision (My drawings / schematics that I drew back in August), but I went against it for some reason.

Stay Tuned for more Information, next part might be uploaded by next week or so.
Fixes numerous errors:

-The ramps that lead to RED/BLU's warehouse is now closed off.

-Added a way to traverse the dead ends.

-Added higher elevations in the Alleyway dead ends to decrease fall damage

-Added item / health packs in the alleyways.

-The Battlements are now building addons. They have roofs and windows. A passage is now added to the lower floors.