Sewage Way A9

2 Factories. 2 Intelligence. 1 river of undrinkable s***

  1. Alpha ver 8 UPDATE Part 1

    Changelog: This is a small mini - update for the next revision of this map. Part 2 is coming soon.

    -Added room that you can run around in just across respawn.

    -Made the Flag / Intel rooms much larger, large enough to jump around in

    -Removed the lip from Canal. There are ramps for each building that lead to their respective bases.

    -Made entry that leads to Vents more larger. They should not be confused as detail only.

    -Changed drop off area near respawn. Might remove it completely in the next part.

    -Added another passage that leads to Intelligence room. This was actually originally going to be added in the very first revision (My drawings / schematics that I drew back in August), but I went against it for some reason.

    Stay Tuned for more Information, next part might be uploaded by next week or so. 2015-12-23_00014.jpg 2015-12-23_00013.jpg 2015-12-23_00012.jpg 2015-12-23_00011.jpg 2015-12-23_00010.jpg 2015-12-23_00010.jpg 2015-12-23_00009.jpg 2015-12-23_00008.jpg
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