Sequoia RC4

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Sequoia Changelog

- Improved tank moving through the gate. Should fix the rare case of it exploding.
- Added some extra rocks in the river to make it slightly easier to jump out
- Fixed the nav on the gate-bridge that caused bots to get stuck
- Fixed money getting stuck in tank area
- Added mission made by Dayal - "Fibre Ops"
Map Changes:
- Removed route above capture point
- Nerfed Phi Spots
- Tweaked Pickups
- Lowered volume of horn
Map Changes:
- Can no longer build directly under the gate
- New sound file
- Nav improvements

Popfile changes:
- Made on the fly again and I forgot to write them down. Sorry
- Popfile changes, I did these on the fly so I forgot to write them down sorry.
- Trees now use lightmaps (much nicer)
- Greatly improved nav mesh
- Bots can no longer get stuck in their spawn and die leaving unreachable money
- Welcome photos
Map changes:
- Normal mode added.
- Raised barrier near hatch to block incredibly obnoxious sightline.
- Made certain braces nonsolid to prevent sentry buster being stuck in a certain area
- Water wheel is solid and now turns
- There was a place you could get stuck. You can't get stuck there now.
- Added more cover to the bot front and an extra health pack on the upper platform.
- Tank no longer sounds alarm when it passes through the gate if the gate is already open
- Raised trigger hurt in pit
- Fixed area where giants would get stuck

Advanced Mode Wave 1:
- Starting currency is now 1000

Advanced Mode Wave 2:
- Support whipping gatebots are now support non-gatebot melee scouts

Advanced Mode Wave 3:
- Giant spammer soldiers now have giant uber medics instead of giant quickfix medics

Advanced Mode Wave 4:
- Warrior Spirit heavies are now smaller to indicate that they're not as tanky as other half-giants
- Reduced number of deflector heavies by 5

Advanced Mode Wave 5:
- Reduced number of big bow boys to 2

Advanced Mode Wave 6:
- Kritz medics now permanently kritz bosses until killed
- Bosses no longer have guarneteed kritz
- Bison Boss is now slower and has less rage gain

Advanced Mode Wave 7:
- Reduced boss health
- Removed crits from boss
- Increased medic health
Map Changes:
- Artpass
- Made regular bomb route longer and less chokey
- Added some cover to the front
- Added some cover to the back
- Improved navigation so bots should flank around the tree properly
- Added grate in the bridge past the gate
Map Changes:
- Renamed to Sequoia
- Added fences for cover
- Rearranged a route to make enemy snipers less obnoxious

Advanced Mode Wave 6:
- Fixed broken medic spawns
Map Changes:
- Redid the bot entry area
- Made the ramp near the hatch less steep

Advanced Mode Wave 2:
- Added giant shotgun heavies
- Reduced number of heavy+vaccinator pairs
- Added giant medic to the basic giant pyros
- Changed support scouts to support whippers

Advanced Mode Wave 4:
- Increased number of giant scouts, moved forward in the wave
- Lowered overall payout slightly

Advanced Mode Wave 5:
- Pyro gatebot boss now correctly has his light hat turn off when the gate is capped
- Made giant crossbow medics spawn earlier and faster with the other bots, rather than slowly afterwards to reduce the feeling of "fighting support"

Advanced Mode Wave 6:
- Added an bison boss at the end of the wave
- Added regular bison soldiers

Advanced Mode Wave 7:
- New boss wave