September (Background Map)

September (Background Map) v1

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September (Background Map) v1

A Gorge-themed background map

Much like my last background map, September was built off of the skeleton of another old map of mine. Unlike Rosanna, though, nearly all of the geometry is entirely different from the original map. I changed the name to reflect this, but why did I choose 'September'?

Back when I first published Cruise, I had planned a trilogy of maps where a future BLU team traveled back in time to the present day to topple RED before they could win the gravel wars and became a worldwide corporate dictatorship. Two of the three maps were adopted (Cruise and Dustmenn), and the third would have been wholly original, taking place in the grim future where RED won. The storyline would end with the BLU team from the future and the BLU team from the past teaming up to take RED down, bu they are stopped by a RED team from the future, who came from a timeline where BLU became the global superpower instead. Then *another* BLU team from the future would arrive, so on and so forth.


To use this as a background map, go to the autoexec.cfg file in your "Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg" folder (or, if you don't have one, use the pre-included autoexec.cfg) and include the line "map_background background_september_v1". Launch your game, and bam! There it is!


Custom Content:
- Rexy's Tom Cruise Cutout
- Nesman's Security Fence Expansion Pack
- Ravidge's Handrails Pack
- Sandwhip's Concretewall012z fix (edited to be purple)
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