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Multi Stage Secret lab b1

Secrets waiting you in full-security houses

  1. TH3 D34DL3$$
    Hey, welcome to secret lab. Here we .got a development of next generation. Here works wonders. If you want to get to chemical departament, you need to go through the control room and panic room, go upper at elevator, go to third floor and next to the security room takes place chemical departament. Go to the Power Core can only workers with 5 clearance level. Yes, we care about our and your savety. Not so long ago we hire the "mercenaries", as they call themselves. So, let's see.

    Manual entry of "Mann.Co's secret lab"
    From 16.07.17


    1. cp_secure lab0001.png
    2. cp_secure lab0002.png
    3. cp_secure lab0003.png
    4. cp_secure lab0004.png
    5. cp_secure lab0005.png
    6. cp_secure lab0006.png
    7. cp_secure lab0007.png
    8. cp_secure lab0008.png
    9. cp_secret_lab_in the context of 1stage.png
    10. cp_secret_lab_in the context of 2stage.png
    11. cp_secret_lab_in the context of 3stage.png

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