Multi Stage seca a8a

quick pl concept I thought of for a first stage

  1. Cappucci
    Wanted to practice with the vertex tool to make a less blocky map and I think I did good. Right now it's onlt the first stage and the name is temporary. I have no idea of what theme to make it and no clue of what to do for the next stage(s). Yay! This is also my second submission for the Back to Basics contest.


    1. pl_seca_a8a0000.jpg
    2. pl_seca_a8a0001.jpg
    3. pl_seca_a8a0002.jpg
    4. pl_seca_a8a0003.jpg
    5. pl_seca_a8a0009.jpg
    6. pl_seca_a8a0010.jpg

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