Seafoam a2

Fight your way to the beach in this single-point A/D map!

  1. SnickerPuffs
    Screenshots are from version A1! Check out the newest update page to see updated screenshots!

    Similar to a previous map of mine, Seafoam is an Attack/Defend map experimenting with a single-point. It fixes a few issues the first map had, as well as introducing several new ones because nobody's grabbed me by the lapels and forced me to think about my actions before I make them.

    Custom Content and Special Thanks:
    - @Rexy, for the Tom Cruise Cutout and Orange Madness Textures
    - @DioJoestar, for creating NonameASD, which I used as inspiration for several areas across the map
    - @Mattie, for the London asset pack that I used in pre-a1 versions of the map


    1. 1cp_seafoam_a10005.jpg
    2. 1cp_seafoam_a10004.jpg
    3. 1cp_seafoam_a10003.jpg
    4. 1cp_seafoam_a10002.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. a2: A Better RED Spawn