sd_nowhere _a8a

Simple, yet effective

  1. A8A - Fixing a Fundamental Flaw

    -The australium now takes 60 seconds to be enabled after the round starts and after it's captured, up from 40. This should help teams have a chance to contest the enemy team's foothold over mid after the enemy team captures.

    -Reverted a change from A8 where the control point would lock for 80 seconds instead of 40 when the australium was picked up by the team who had previously held it (unless that team had captured the point the first time they picked the australium up)

    -The anti-flag doorways now push the australium carrier back a little bit before forcing them to drop the flag, in order to prevent awkward scenarios where several team members would repeatedly be touching the flag and immediately being forced to drop it again.

    To be honest, I wasn't happy being forced to do this, since one of the big appeals of the anti-flag doorways to me is that a player can still choose to retreat to safety if they're willing to sacrifice control over the objective, but being bounced back into your enemies doesn't exactly scream "safety" to me.
    I could reset the australium instead, but I like that idea even less.

    -Added some more ground in the area leading up to the two-floored building, since it was a little too easy to get airblasted to your death there

    -Minor detailing changes in the rocket room

    -Smoothed the displacements at mid slightly
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