sd_nowhere _a8a

Simple, yet effective

  1. A7B - No more camping, no more spamming. But is it even a 2007 game anymore if those are gone??

    -Finally gave in to peer pressure and widened the rocket room slightly; I was only convinced to do this because I finally realised that one explosive could deny both doorways at the same time. Another incentive to do it was that having the rocket be away from the wall should add a lot of strategy, where you predict which direction around it the enemy soldier's gonna fire. This still leaves Pyro and Heavy at a disadvantage against the soldier, but it should be slightly more fun for both players now.

    -Anti-flag barriers now prevent you from taking the australium back into your base and camping, or griefing your team by pointlessly taking the australium into the enemy base and dying

    -Knocked down a wall in spawn to shorten rotate times between the exits and make it easier to go to the exit you want upon spawning

    -Did some rudimentary detailing in the rocket room. I was affected with a wave of nostalgia while making it, so I think it turned out very 2009-y, but you might not feel that way.

    -Upgraded the HUD to include the control point

    -Moved Itchigo and Laycie from their precarious perch to a safer position right next to the rocket which is in the middle of a battlefield of RED and BLU desperately trying to launch said rocket

    -Replaced the horrible z-fighting forest platforms in the sniper building with floorboards that actually match their surroundings somewhat
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