sd_nnsw A2

A first attempt at a special delivery map.

  1. sd_nnsw_a2

    The goal for this version was shifting focus. The excess areas of the map have been pruned and the rest of the map has been mostly rearranged. The bottom floor, Northern spawn exits and displacements have been removed entirely. Sightlines are less nightmarish and there are more routes connecting to the drop site, lift, and delivery area. Spawn rooms should be more intuitive than before. The pit has been reworked to be cleaner and more useful for movement. The two opposing buildings overlooking the lift now have a second floor with an entrance where unnecessary doors and corridors used to be.

    This will definitely need tweaking and redesign, so this version will be used to see if the current layout is a solid foundation.


    1. 20201015222126_1.jpg
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