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* HUD now displays the capture progress.
* The Bomb respawns quicker after being captured (30s->20s). The setup time has been left unchanged (30s).
* The crate on the way to Big Rooms has been moved, with the surrounding route being readjusted.
* The steep stairs from Big Rooms to Mid have been replaced with a less steep slope.
* The connector between two Big Rooms team has been changed.
* Added a ramp from Tunnels directly to Cap.
* Added a new route from Cap to Big Rooms.
* Removed the shortcut from Cap to Tunnels/Mid which was too close to the new route.
* Sniper Battlements overlooking Main is now a two-way route, providing a flank route from Corner Yard to Cap.
* Obscured the view through the fence between Main and Corner Yard with an arrow sign. Hopefully, people will now stop thinking Corner Yard is the Flag Spawn Zone.
* Flag now has a "wallhack outline" even when inactive (during setup or after being capped).
* Less jarring dev textures.
* Initial bomb setup time has been reduced from 60s to 30s (post-cap inactive time is still 30s).
* Fixed a crash during TF2Maps.net feedback round.
* Control point capture rate increased by 46%
* Capture rollback rate is now 60% of the capture rate (was equal to the capture rate)
* The capture area was slightly increased (bomb carriers LOVED to stay JUST outside the capture zone)
* The map now actually ENDS upon reaching mp_timelimit
* Replaced a placeholder texture people were confused about

Also, the map's placeholder name was changed to bomb_rugby, since people associate tug_of_war with a dedicated gametype where both teams push the same cart to the enemy's base.
The flag compass used to guide the flag carrier to his own capture area instead of the desired enemy capture area.
The reason was that `func_capturezone`s of both teams are disabled for the most of the round (the custom map logic dictates so).
The solution was in creating the second set of `func_capturezone`s directly underneath the capture zone out of bounds.