Schism A26

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Schism A26

A KotH map split across two dimensions

This map is based on the light/dark world mechanic from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, my favorite chapter from my collectively favorite game of all time, the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The idea is that the level has been split into two parallel dimensions - a light one and a dark one - hence the title. It's a KotH map where a team must own the point in both dimensions for their timer to start ticking down; ownership being split across dimensions will just pause the timer entirely.

To navigate between the dimensions, there are one-way vortexes throughout the map. While the map is rather small in 3D space, hopping back and forth between two worlds essentially turns the gameplay four-dimensional.

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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Refining the pits, minor detailing

    Removed the small pits behind the central dark portal Redesigned the center pit to have a bridge across it rather than a wall on one side; should make it easier to get around on the first floor in the dark world (the packs near the pit are now on...
  2. Sounds, pits, and such

    Portals now make noise when used; a whooshing noise at the entrance and a crackle at the exit (both for the user) The dark world is now littered with deadly pits around key areas Health and ammo packs have been shuffled around somewhat; packs in...
  3. More general improvements

    Separated the lower and upper levels of the team lobbies in the light world, preventing the opposing team from shooting down into the spawn doors; the ramp still exists in the dark world, meaning you can use the portals to get to the upper level...

Latest reviews

It's pretty good however the brushwork doesn't feel that good.