Scarab asset pack 1.0

Sandy and Spooky

  1. Suna
    A collection of various assets used in Scarab.

    Multiple sand blend textures - Sandwhip/Freyja
    Gold wall textures - Yrrzy
    Scarab carving texture - Sandwhip
    Capzone border glow texture - Yrrzy
    Multiple signs - Sandwhip/Lo-Fi
    Many misc sounds - Sandwhip
    Small broken columns - Freyja
    Explosive pots - Freyja

    fx_jumppad_96b (resized jumppad particle) - Yrrzy
    scarab_capzoneA (capzone sparkles) - Sandwhip
    scarab_capzoneB (capzone sparkles) - Sandwhip
    scarab_explosion (pot-bomb explosion) - Yrrzy
    scarab_explosivesmoke (particles used for pot-bomb fuze) - Yrrzy
    scarab_finalebeam (finale particle (requires CP)) - Yrrzy
    scarab_finale_sidebeam (smaller finale particle (requires CP)) - Yrrzy
    scarab_pickup (soul pickup particle) - Yrrzy/Sandwhip

    menu photos
    scarab_rc2b vmf
    supporting scarab files (soundscript/intro text)


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