Sandvich Storage

Sandvich Storage Final

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Sandvich Storage Final

A small, 3 cp A/D beta map built around Sandwiches and DIY signs.

"Those buildings over there? That's the old mining town. I heard they're changing it into a sandwich shipping facility now. Although I heard a group of blue coloured rebels are giving them some trouble."

Sandvich Storage is a 3 Point CP map set an old mining town turned sandwich storage facility made for 24 players. There are 8 sandwich bags hidden around the map! Go find them!
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. The Final Sandwich.

    Well, Sandvichstorage is done. It has a few balancing flaws, the detailing is a little minimum, and there are a couple of bugs, but in my view, it's finished. It's under my belt. It's time to move on. The differences between a7 and this are...
  2. a7 - A well prepared sandvich

    =General= - Texturing is done!!! - Improved signage - Once again adjusted skybox position - Improved clipping all around the map - Redid some of the visual effects for where health and ammo kits are placed. - Made unopenable doors more obvious to...
  3. Sandvich Storage - A6!

    =General= - As is tradition, more texturing! - More clipping issues have been resolved - Slightly adjusted skybox position - Slightly adjusted one of the death cameras =Point A= - Raised the room behind the point - Slightly changed layout of...