Salvage b1

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Salvage b1

Made by IrishTaxIDriver

Salvage is a payload map that was concepted out up to the second point a very long time ago (after Steel got accepted) and Fishbus was working on Freight. The current joke around Knifeback Mountain was that his map after Freight would be Trainpit and I took the idea and ran with it.

About two years ago I found the vmf (I seriously have around 500 vmfs of point designs and halfmaps for pretty much every source game) and got the spark to finish it. The finished layout was playtested to death on Knifeback Mountain and the general consensus was that it was a great layout and did a lot of interesting and cool new things. I started working on the first beta and then got distracted by Supply, which didn't really turn out too well.

AFTER Supply, I did a decent amount of work on it and then the Artpass contest happened. In the wake of that, I started more designs and halfmaps until American Joe (and others, but mostly Joe) screaming FINISH SALVAGE at me finally took hold.

Thankfully, not much was left and I've come out of Supply and the Artpass map with a whole lot more knowledge than I had going into Salvage, and I've been using that knowledge to fix up a whole bunch of misconceptions I had about mapping at the time I made it.

I've added a link to the last layout test we did before I determined it to be final and started detailing. I hope to have the beta out by this weekend (and I guess the next gameday after that).

From the layout test, the blue spawn has changed and unified, and a lot of the layout around D changed, including some sniper sightline fixes. A lot of stuff has been fixed but please don't let that deter you from mentioning anything.

I'm looking into getting a new properly aligning junk texture, adding in those MANN CO containers I found in the models area, and generally improving the displacements. They're all 2X for editing right now, I'll divide them up a little better and 4x em.


So if you don't want to read that book, I started Salvage a very long time ago and it got sidetracked by a lot of stuff. It is a single stage payload map set in a junkyard / train graveyard. I will finish it now. Please post stuff.
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