Sakura a1 VIDE

Fight in a secret japanese valley village. Please, critisize with care

    Red and Blu fight the forgotten game mode in a secret valley village. You might find some secret technology though.

    Please, criticize however you want. I wanna make all the good japan mappers proud (namely Freyja)

    This map was more of an art pass than game mode special.
    If anyone wants too, give me ideas for the bridges in the middle. Also, is this ready for testing?


    1. arena_sakura_a10001.jpg
    2. arena_sakura_a10002.jpg
    3. arena_sakura_a10003.jpg
    4. arena_sakura_a10004.jpg
    5. arena_sakura_a10000.jpg
    6. arena_sakura_a10005.jpg

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  1. heres the vide