Sài Bay

Sài Bay A9

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Sài Bay A9

Sayy bay

A single staged 2 Cp map that takes place in a vietnam swamp base.

Made for the connect 5 tf2maps contest
Malachite Man
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Before beta update

    -Locked foward spawn -Something else i can't remember Nothing else really
  2. QUICK UPDATE!!!!!

    This is a very quick update Because i will be on a short hiatus -Blocked sightline to blu spawn door -fixed dumb red doors -added lockers -Other things i can't remember
  3. Premuture detail update

    -Replaced rock and tree on first with new structure -Changed respawn time (Thanks asd417 for helping me fix the respawn time problem -More Premuture detail -More signs -Adjusted last -Made map look "better" -Removed signuture pagoda