Sabotage a17

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fixed things regarding payload gimmick, gave Blu access to high ground through balcony at B, tweaked respawn times, blocked sight lines, fixed doors, moved health and ammo. A3 is next.
Fixed texture issue at last, replaced detonator for proper model, Added a new drill wall by A, made a new entrance into A that closes off after point is capped, spawn doesn't move back until door is drilled through.
Patch notes for V2 A2b:
  • Fixed issue regarding the train clipping through walls and killing players at A

  • Train is Shorter and will not activate until B is capped

  • Added new buildings to A

  • Nobuilds applied to the Rock by A's main choke

  • Doorways near B have been narrowed to prevent sight lines and help with defending players

  • Added Health, Ammo, and new blockade by choke into B

  • moved Health and ammo by flank in Choke point

  • Added Health and ammo in the highground area of B

  • Lowered the speed to doors at both B and C to 35

  • Added new building to catwalk outside of B to help funnel defenders into the highground

  • Main door at C no longer opens when the drill wall has finished

  • Moved/tweaked/added Health and Ammo around C

  • Red spawn teleport properly disables after it activates

  • Once C is capped the 1 way door by the entrance opens allowing Blu to gain easy access to highground at C

  • Decreased size of caves from C to Finale by 128 HUs

  • Removed Light prop near entrance to finale

  • Removed Health and ammo at far left side of finale by the flank

  • Added Health and ammo in a new cubby at Finale

  • Added signs around the map to help with navigation

  • Added minor detailing
My changes made to A3 will be dedicated to improving roll out times from C to B for red, from B to C for Blu's first forward spawn and for C to finale from blu's 2nd forward spawn as alot of players had issues with the roll out times last imp. I'm mainly giving Soliare a break so they can have a clean mind going into the 72hr Jam.


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Patch notes for A2a (tbh I could a called this A3, but I'd rather get Soliare's changes in A3):
  • Due to high demand, Red now has 1 more spawn room located next to B point, this will make traversing to first for Red alot easier without any drastic layout changes

  • Door previously used as decor by B point is now a fully functioning door that keeps red players spawning from B to wander off into C and further into their own territory

  • Fixed/removed/adjusted Props around the map missing their clipping, were in weird spots, or were flat out hovering

  • Red's new Spawn at B doubles as a Multi Team spawn room for both Red and blue once B is capped

  • Adjusted catwalk Balcony by the Drill wall

  • Red is now the only team to have Spawnroom teleports

  • Added a 1 way door near the Drill wall to prevent sightlines

  • Added new catwalks to C by main entrance to promote defenders to use the highground

  • Changed C point's spawn room for red to face the proper direction

  • Removed Staircase leading to Red's high ground near the main entrance making it harder for Blu to attack red's high ground

  • Removed the drop down room by C point

  • Removed Health and ammo to the flank hallway where the original entrance into red's 2nd spawn used to be.

  • adjusted teleport times to once the drill cart completes drilling through the wall

  • remade part of the tracks near the drill wall to seem like they're broken/being replaced

  • added Health and ammo at Last to promote defenses on higher ground.

  • Adjusted numerous health and ammo locations/sizes around the map.

  • Main door entrance into C reopens once the drill has finished drilling through the wall.


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A new update to Sabotage is here!!!

Last version was a rocky one, to be honest I lost sight in what the map needed as well as the scope I wanted to take the map's cave's system areas. This update Soliare and I set out to downsize what we had from the previous version and scale back a lot of the map while adding some of the changes requested in the last imp test.

Another note we will be potentially looking for modelers to help with assets for the map later on in production such as a proper version of the Drill cart, or the "Dildo cart" as some testers called it, as well as other mining themed equipment.

Patch Notes for Version 2 A2:​
  • Size of the map has been overall decreased​
  • Added spectator cameras​
  • New 1st point and starting area and Finale​
  • Choke points have been added to 2nd as well as Last​
  • added a staircase connecting the main track route to ground level at 2nd​
  • increased time for the map's gimmick from 5 to 15 seconds​
  • fixed an issue where the cart gets stuck on one part of the map after the gimmick only to be fixed when Blu moves back away from the cart and touches it again​
  • fixed an issue related to spawn teleport for Red and Blue respectively​
  • Removed routes into 3rd possibly alleviating possible confusion for defenders on where to go​
  • Reworked areas of A1 to fit into the newly reworked finale.​
Again huge thanks to @Soliare for assisting me with remaking 1st and Blu's first spawn as well as advice on downsizing the map overall, I literally couldn't have done it with your help.

If you have any feedback, issues, suggestions, etc. do not hesitate to let me know! Happy Testing! :medal:


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:heavy:Sabotage is back and better than ever!:heavy:
Sabotage was a project I started in mid 2018 to help me understand payload's logic and get a feel for displacements, and with 2 years passing by I have decided to return to this project with a new skill set and understanding of hammer as a whole.

This new and improved version of Sabotage includes:
  • A completely remade from the ground up layout
  • New gameplay gimmicks that were missing from the original due to lack of skill with Hammer and its logic systems.
  • A train that serves as both a defensive tool and an obstacle for both Red and Blu!
  • Drill Cart!
If you have any bugs you would like to inform me about or have any gameplay suggestions and feedback, please do not hesitate to let me know either through the thread, Discord, Steam, Etc.!

Have fun yall! :medal:

P.S. A HUGE thank you to Soliare for assisting with guidance regarding the map as well as looking proof reading displacements, clipping, and lighting!


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This update to Sabotage includes the following changes:

Added a new route to access the shed building for Blu
Fixed clipping on certain props
Fixed Displacements
Changed/removed Health and ammo packs on Red's finale
Added a door near the 3rd point to prevent spawn camping
Fixed an issue with Hoodini the resuppply cabinet
Lowered brightness on some lights
Fixed an issue with people getting stuck behind props on finale
This update of Sabotage includes the following changes.

Added new route to 2nd accessible to blu upon capturing the first point
Added more cover to 2nd and 3rd
Removed player clip to the roof of the building near Blu spawn (go nuts)
Removed dead space to areas near 1st and 3rd
Reverted red spawn's teleport to move players AFTER 2nd and 3rd is captured
removed/changed health and ammo


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Minor update:

  • removed a indentation in a wall near blu spawn
  • Moved some rocks to fix their models
  • Added some overlays for attacking team to give a sense of direction while trying to find the objective
"Can't stand rocking when I'm in here, because your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear."

Major update time!

This update includes the following changes:



Red has 2 new retreating spawns for their defense

Added a new building near the 1st cap as a compromise until I rework more sections of the map

Added more health and ammo!

Made defending players still in a previous spawn, be automatically teleported to a retreating spawn upon the capture of a control point thus stopping players from suiciding from becoming trapped in a spawn room


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