Sabotage a17

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Patch notes for A6a:
  • Temporarily added crystal props from Void to start and get the McGuffin for the map implemented, will come up with a more permanent model later down the line
  • Shortened the train at C
  • Moved control points at both A and C
  • Added cover at C
  • Reverted ammo packs at A
  • Reintroduced the shutter doors at B's flank into A however instead of being a 1 way door the shutter is closed until the door at A is drilled through, giving red more time to set up without being bum rushed by Blu.
  • Made the final stretch at finale a rollback zone, will adjust as needed.
  • Removed health and ammo on the high ground at C
  • Added a shutter door at C that prevents Red from getting lost at one of the flanks
I am planning a remake of the transition between B and C to address sightlines, walk times, etc in A7. If you have any feedback/suggestions on how I could change this area for the better please let me know! Happy testing! :medal:
Version V2 A6 of Sabotage is here!

Patch notes:

  • Raised respawn times for Red by 1 second
  • moved a closing shutter door at Blu's 2nd forward spawn to inside the spawn room itself to avoid Z fighting
  • changed health and ammo at A
  • changed logic at C where the doors leading into last only open once C is capped keeping players from getting lost
  • moved Red's 2nd spawn at C behind the train tracks near the spiral staircase to not only nerf Red's control over the high ground area, but make the train more of a threat
  • Removed the shipping crate high ground due to being over powered to use
  • added a new between C and the finale to allow blu access to the high ground
  • added a new high ground area for Blu similar to v2 A1's high ground area allowing Blu to have a slight advantage, however Red also has access to this area from their low ground routes
  • added a small shack at the finale Red can use to either Build on or go inside for health and ammo
  • moved health and ammo at finale further back closed to Red spawn upon the removal of one of Red's highground areas
If you have any feedback or suggestions for the map, please do not hesitate to let me know! Happy testing! :cap:


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Patched up nodraw areas, removed some 1 way doors, changed health and ammo in some places
Version V2 A5 of Sabotage is here!!

Patch notes:
  • Spawn rooms for red now move only when a control point has been captured
  • Lowered spectator camera at B and gave it a proper model
  • Remade flank shutter doors at B using setup gates
  • Slight detailing at the drill wall before C
  • indented the route out of C for Red team elevating sightlines
  • Red's spawn for C now only moves when C is capped
  • Remade the staircase going into Blu's forward spawn
  • Remade flank routes near finale, 1 leading to the high ground only accessible through a red controlled building the other accessible by both teams overlooking a death pit accompanied by a large health kit and a medium ammo pack
  • Added more high ground for red at Finale hopefully opening up defensive options
  • Downscaled transition area into and around finale.

If you have any feedback/ suggestions for the map please let me know! Happy testing! :medal:

(New payload cart model coming soon by Zeus3005, So stay tuned!!!)


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adjusted sound to the exploding crates at B, attempted fixing stuck spots in signs and doors, added health and ammo at B, adjusted health ammo at C, attempted to patch horrid sightlines after C (A5 will redesign alot of the connecter to finale), changed train times and disabled the train after Blu caps C, adjusted spawn times for red by 1 second.
Changelog for version V2 A4a:

  • Added a new highground flank route into the connector between C and the finale that Blu can access easily and blocked red from easily advancing with a 1 way door
  • Made the gate doors near the drill wall on the highground a 1 way door exit onto the highground for Red
  • remade TNT stack near B into tf_generic_bomb entities preventing tnt boxes from breaking when being shot at
  • made the exploding staircase wall at B into a func_brush instead of a func_wall to help fix a minor issue where the wall would not respawn upon a new round when being destroyed on the first round
  • Removed doorway into the stairwell connecter at B next to the flank into A due to scout's frequent lack of risk vs reward on going through a hidden hallway
  • Widened routes into B to C's connecter will redesign some areas based on feedback if needed
  • the 1 way door next to the spawn at B now opens permanently upon the capture of B
  • Added warning sirens to C after the drill wall has been destroyed
  • Adjusted signs
  • Added more props/overlays around the map for detailing
  • Removed some feedback signs upon player feedback
  • Added a Window in Blu's first spawn
  • added Health and ammo at Blu's first spawn
  • Removed health and ammo located at the drill wall underneath the catwalk
  • Remade the main door into the mines at C
  • added new overlays pointing to the caves to hopefully prevent people from getting lost


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Version V2 A4 of Sabotage is here!
Over the past couple weeks, I've been hard at work to push a major update to Sabotage not only to help with navigation on the map, but proper visibility on the map and to assist attackers when advancing forward, so without further delay here are the changes made to this version!

Changelog for Version V2 A4:
  • Redesigned route from Blu spawn to A, moving the entrance and stairs closer to the main route to assist with visibility and to promote attackers
  • The dropdown route at A has been replaced with a high ground option both teams can easily access
  • the stairwell route has been given a 2 way window into A, allowing players to look into the area and gain intel on the enemy's sentry placements
  • A new route has been added from A to B, where the secondary entrance into A was by the drillable shutter door used to be located. This route now leads into the cubby area next to B point and allows attackers ease of access to the spiral room without much detection
  • The stairwell room next to the drillable shutter door has been blocked off for a new gameplay gimmick, an exploding pile of TNT, there is a wire from the shutter door to the boxes that has a sparking fuse to indicate how much time there is left to evacuate from the general area, the crates explode around the same time the drill successfully drills through the wall
  • A new bit of High ground has been added for red while the stairwell entrance is blocked off
  • The super high ground has been removed due to being too powerful for Blu
  • Added a staircase in the hallway next to B and simplified the route to get to the high ground near C's drill wall
  • Removed and closed off the balcony area in the connector to C's drill wall and moved the exit under the outside balcony
  • Removed the shipping containers at C's drill wall and made the room originally connecting to Blu's flank and remade the area into an outdoors balcony
  • Removed the hole in the wall near C's drill wall on part of the high ground
  • C has been remade from the ground up, with the train being moved to part of Red's high ground
  • there is now one route already opened for both blu and red to access next to the drill wall before the wall is drilled through, once the wall is destroyed 2 flanks are opened that allow Blu to access C freely
  • Blocked off the finale area with doors until the wall is destroyed, this keeps Red from accidentally walking to the finale instead of setting up defenses at C
  • Moved door into the high ground flank into finale to have ease of access for Blu, located closer to the two other flanks
  • removed barriers at Finale's flank to red spawn, if the flank remains to be a problem and keeps allowing for spawn camping a redesign of that flank will be made
  • Started detailing and art passing the map
  • Added signs around the map asking testers what they think of specific areas of the map

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the map please do not hesitate to contact me! Happy testing! :medal:


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Fixed issues regarding spawn doors not opening and closing properly, readded the 1 way door at B, but fliiped the enterance to give Blu a leg up on Red in that area, B point is now on the elevator

The payload elevator at B is slightly broken as the cart tends to leave the base of the elevator behind and will sometimes phase through the elevator itself, and I do not have the time or energy to attempt a proper fix.

Why you may ask?


If you know a way to fix this issue from occurring please let me know as I am desperate to get this issue fixed as soon as I can.
Patch Notes for A3a:

  • Added new drop down route from the crate room flank near Blu spawn to A point

  • Moved Health and ammo at A

  • Remade the cart path to go up an elevator instead of going around the entire spiral room at B

  • Added another floor to B accessible by the main flank, hoping this addition can help with pesky sentry spots at B.

  • Moved B cap from the bottom floor to the first floor

  • Removed the 1 way door at B

  • Moved Health and ammo at B

  • Fixed clipping on numerous props and places on the map


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Version V2 A3 has been released!

After a ton of working and feedback from everyone able to test the multiple versions of A2, I've seen an ongoing pattern upon play testers regarding Sabotage as a whole. What is it you may ask?

No one knows where to go.

So in this update I decided to try and rework as much of the map as I can to make areas as clear and concise on where you should go at all times!

I'm giving Soliare a break for a bit to focus on their 72 hour jam project so updates are going to be just from me for a while.

Patch notes:

  • First drill wall door's logic has been improved with new sparks to help convey what the cart is doing
  • Fixed an issue with the rollback at B's drill door where the cart would completely derail when Blu could not touch the cart in time
  • B and its high ground has been completely remade from the ground up changing the way it plays

    - Blu comes through bottom floor instead of the top floor making it easier for Red to defend

    - Old high ground from A2 acts as a new route for Blu to attack from giving blu their own high ground to attack from and not encroaching too much on Red's high ground

    - Red's first spawn/ Blu's first forward spawn has been shifted to the high ground and given another exit to prevent spawn camping

    - Spiral has been shifted to the back of the high ground with its own room connecting it to the bottom floor of B

    - Opened up new routes from B to C point to help elevate the massive choke Blu had to endure in A2
  • B to C's route has been completely remade to shorted the trek between points and to provide clarity on where to go

    - Corner Building now serves as additional highground for defenders

    - Corner Building now has a 1 way drop down ledge area for defenders

    - the overlook building has been shortened and the staircase room has been replaced

    - Logic for C's drill wall has been tweaked to hopefully better how the logic works

    - Train at C has been restored and elongated with train gates being adjusted accordingly

    - 1 way door at the entrance to C has been moved to the flank as well as blocked by 2 doors that open upon the drill sequence completing at C

    - Blu's 2nd forward spawn has been moved to inside the computer room at C point, extremely minor detailing has been applied to that area as well.
  • Blocked staircase room in the cave systems after C leading directly to the finale for Blu, the building is still accessible by red, and will hopefully make pushes into the Finale slightly harder

    Special thanks to Aar and his crew for allowing me to test Sabotage on their server for some extra testing during one of their streams!

    If you have any feedback regarding any issues, suggestions, or other feedback you have on the map please do not hesitate to let me know! Happy testing! :medal:


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