Rust Belt

Rust Belt RC1

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Let's get right into the patchlog:

- Changed sun angle by a bit, which should make the entire map feel a lot better!
- started work on Optimization
- Generally a bit more work on detailing
- Added a way to get on the high ground alternatively from the room at the stage 3 cap - this should make holding it as RED a lot more attractive
- Fixed a number of small, visual oddities
- made the fences at the second cap a little bit higher to prevent a weird sightline
- fixed also another sightline at second with a convenient wooden plate
- removed several security rails as they were preventing fluid gameplay, made the few that existed solid
- Adjusted timer: While the max is lower now( 8 Minutes instead of 10) BLU gets a generous amount of time for each cap!
- Changed water texture and fixed some skybox stuffs

See ya next patch! Destroit - name pending as I find it too silly - is coming close to being done!
There was a rather large issue with vis causing buildings to disappear in certain spots, this update should simply fix that issue.

That's about it.
A new week, a new update. This time featuring mostly more detailing work and most importantly: A Skybox! The map actually feels like a map now, incredible, right?

- Added a real skybox
- More detailing work primarily focusing on Respawn rooms and Last
- Slight respawn timer/timer in general adjustments

See ya next playtest!
B2 is here and comes with a variety of small adjustments and more progress on the art-pass - meaning that a lot of the interior now actually has something in it, instead of just being entirely empty! The only interior/area left that probably needs some overlooking are respawn rooms, because screw 'em, and the Last area, which still has a lot of unpolished things on it.
B3 will thus focus on the things mentioned above, alongside of making the first optimization adjustments/probably more detailing. I'm also (from a pure balancing perspective) unsure about the third point, but we will see what testing will give us.

Here is the changelog:
- More detailing, mostly focusing on interior!
- Lots of clipping to prevent getting stuck on tiny ledges, or finding ground to stay on on random ledges.
- added a tiny wall at the last area to prevent RED constantly falling into the grinder
- Adjusted respawn times + time gained from the cap points
- Lowered the high ground from BLU's forward spawn so players no longer take fall damage when leaving spawn and being too lazy to take the stairs
- Fixed some prop-fade distances
After an entire week of non-stop work I'm happy to show the beta version of Destroit! Featuring: Textures! Props! Actual Detailing! Buildings which aren't cubes! And much more.
Past tests have shown that Destroit appears to have a very solid ground for gameplay. Obviously that overconfidence I have in the map is subject to change with how the beta version plays out and the feedback received.

Note that several parts of the map is still fairly ugly. Most respawn rooms consist of empty rooms with texture's in em, so do several interior areas. Mostly the exterior has been worked on.

Nonetheless, here is the fairly minor Changelog:
- We have entered Beta, the map has been heavily detailed, but not to completion.
- Adjusted several health-pack locations and sizes
- Slightly adjusted time received for each cap
- Last area now features Cow-prions which act as floating platforms! Very experimental.
- Last high ground to the left was slightly changed, it no longer has a window.
- The last area's pit is now a grinder which makes a big and scary noise, hopefully preventing people to jump into it.

The map is shaping along real nicely, and I'll be awaiting the feedback from the next playtest. See ya!
Testing is coming along just fine and Destroit has entered the "Let's give it an incredibly basic art-pass" phase where it's literally the alpha, but with textures!

Either way, it also comes with some balancing. So;


- Added some basic texturing so it's slightly less alpha!
- The door to the cap 2 building has been closed off till cap 2 has been capped to further drive the RED team towards the point
- Adjusted the timing
- Increased banana power
-Slightly moved the fence at BLU spawn to prevent easy spam into the spam
- made the pit at last a bit deeper so people dont think it isnt a deathzone
- The building behind the one overlooking the Grinder is now closed-off via gates while the second cap is not capped. This should make it less confusing to navigate through the map and should prevent BLU from going too deep without said intent.
- Added a new room with a window overlooking the second point alongside of a high ground option for RED, this should allow RED to hold the second point more effectively.
- Moved the second and third cap back ever so slightly.
- Closed the opening at the first point's choke as it was incredibly awkward.
- Clipped the top fence at the first point
- Decreased the room size of the building leading to the flank at Last and also blocked a nasty sightline
This update is mostly minor adjustments on several areas since the map appears to be going smoothly. If everything goes right, the detailing phase might come sooner than later!

- Decreased the time BLU gets on every cap to prevent matches which last too long.
- Replaced the massive amount of boxes on the Last area with a simple Container.
- Changed several Healthpack and ammo pack sizes
- Widened area on Cap 3
- Gave RED a high ground option
- Shortened the fence to allow RED to shoot BLU from the other side of the pit area
- Clipped all stairs
- Added crate-cover on the building at the end side of RED last to prevent an extreme sightline
- Once Cap 1 is capped, the Locker in RED's forward spawn now gets disabled.
- You should no longer get stuck on the fence infront of BLU's spawn
- Increased Setup time ever so slightly
A2 is here coming with some freshly brewed balancing, big changes, and an entirely different Last point because the Last one (heh) was absolutely gobshite.
Nonetheless, here are is the Changelog:

- The Last point has been entirely redesigned and remade for a more pleasurable gaming experience
- Third Cap area changed:
-- Added an extra room on the back-alley so it's less of a choke and boring
--Added Crate to block some sight and offer Cover
--Added a new building overviewing the third point which can be accessed via the pit-building. Windows offer a new angle to attack the Third Point with.
-Second Cap area changed
-- Added Slopes so you can leave the Pit area on both sides now
--Added The Shredder and his pal Banana as a lil threat to the big healthpack found in it. Relive your worst nightmares of Mannhattan with this villianous duo!
- First Cap changed
--Added additional backroute to the building overseeing it to offer a new way of attacking it
-BLU Spawn area changed
-Moved door and building back
-Adjusted spawn times

NOTICE: BLU will still have a huge time advantage. This is for testing purposes and will likely be subject to change in the future.

Here are some screenshots. Yes I know you can disable the HUD but I forgot about it, alright?


Thanks for all the feedback, and see ya next imp!