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Russet A13a

KotH map, no potatoes yet sadly

  1. Squablo
    Special thanks to Seka (https://tf2maps.net/members/seka.28144/) for helping me test this and giving me copious amounts of advice.

    This is a map I decided to make after seeing how ugly the middle of Idaho is in the summer. Unfortunately, it currently has a disappointing lack of any and all potatoes. Plz forgive.

    Map testing for this is continually available on the IP "snazcat.com". It's a home-run server so plz forgive for downtime.

    20171020171409_1.jpg 20171020171434_1.jpg 20171020171438_1.jpg 20171020171449_1.jpg 20171020171510_1.jpg 20171020171522_1.jpg 20171020171543_1.jpg 20171020171551_1.jpg 20171020171616_1.jpg 20171020171649_1.jpg 20171020171702_1.jpg 20171021174337_1.jpg

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