Rumble 2023-05-06

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Rumble 2023-05-06

Rumble in the jungle!

Rumble in the jungle! It's time to shine your guns and reload! BLU team has been digging up some gold but they want to expand their operation. They want to take over the RED's logging facility, their spying satellite and their whole base!

This is a 3CP map, meaning that RED will defend and BLU attacks. BLU must capture all points in order and RED cannot recapture them. Once all points have been captured, BLU wins. If time runs out, RED wins. Questions? No? Then go play!

This map uses following assets:

Borneo pack by Sean "heyo" Cutino
Mayann project detail props & soundscapes by Tim 'YM' Johnson
Minecart custom animations by Sheltr
Smaller control point pylons by Hakk1tus

Have fun and enjoy!

Note! This map is not yet finished but its really close! Please report all issues and bugs you find! Thank you!
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. - Fixed download link and updated to newest version at the same time

    - Fixed download link and updated to newest version at the same time
  2. Newest release

    Updated the map to the latest release. Full changelog in the workshop:
  3. Big update

    Big update (under the hood) - Fixed a lot of props fade errors - Fixed many console errors about vphysics - Fixed window near C area from fading - Added additional arrows to guide players in certain places - Added some details between A and B...