Roxanne B1

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The update title is a joke because I've done basically no detailing to the RED side of the map

- Increased brightness in lower cap area by replacing the light_spots with plain light entities
- Lengthened the team color-striped fences by 64Hu to help combat a major sightline
- Began detailing, mainly on the BLU side

Some errors were caused by the detailing. I will fix these soon if I have time before the Jam ends. If not, then once the medals are distributed I'll try to push an update out.


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- Added ramps up to the roof on both sides of the mid building
- Lowered mid building by 64hu
- Removed health packs on mid building roof
- Increased capture time to 12 seconds (from 8 seconds)
- Added some spectator and welcome cameras

Next update I plan to start detailing. Wish me luck in these remaining hours of the 2017 Summer Jam!
The upper capture point is now on the roof! Clearly, there are no limits to the ingenuity of mankind.

- Experimenting with the design of Mid. Added some holes in the walls, and reworked the interior
- Moved the upper capture point to the roof. Can still be capped from inside the building
- Added hazard tape to mark where the upper capture zone is (tape for the lower area will come next update)
- Increased door width in lower cap room to 192 (from 160)
- Fixed bug where the lower capture point was able to be capped before the timer finished
- Increased time until the point unlocks to 60 seconds (from 30)
- Added a medium healthkit to lower mid that spawns when the upper capture point is enabled
- Added a large ammopack to center mid that spawns when the lower capture point is enabled
- Added 2 tiny healthkits to the roof of the mid building


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- Filename no longer claims this is a KOTH map
- Reworked paths to Mid and made longer
- The capture point holograms are now disabled by default, and re-enables when the point unlocks
- Increased time to capture to 8 seconds (from 5 seconds)
- Added pickups


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