Route 51

Route 51 A8

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Back2Basics ends in less than an hour! A8 improves everything sorta-kinda read the changelog.

- Respawn times are better
- Marked when the cart opens doors and stuff

BLU Spawn:
- Added internal spam cover

- A one-way door appears in the BLU cave flank after A capture to prevent RED going to BLU spawn.
- Improved lighting

- Better signage
- Better pickups
- Better doorframes
- RED now has a window in their spawn to prevent camping
- Removed the health and ammo next to RED spawn to prevent camping.

- The BLU shortcut to last now opens sooner after C is captured.
- BLU has a small ammo pack in the studio room.
- Reduced the large ammo to a medium in the plank pit.

- Slightly closed BLU's angle window.
- Removed the small ammo in the window room.
- Removed and added more cover.
- I moved the small health pack next to the computers back up to behind the post.

Thanks internet for no one ruining the Area 51 meme too much, although it is completely irrelevant now, I still think the concept is interesting! Have fun and enjoy the map!
There aren't many layout changes in A7. The changelog is big because I just put a bunch of the smallest changes. Instead, respawn times have been balanced to give both teams to either push or hold a point with at least 5 people. (Is it bad to update a map in less than 12hrs of the previous update?)

- Respawn timers should allow players to play the game, together! Just seemed better that way.
- Something something detailing and texturing.

BLU Spawn:
- No significant changes.

- RED's health pack at the bridge has been updated to a medium.
- Removed BLU's max health pack in their right flank to B.

- Opened both windows on the bridge facing BLU's entrance.
- Added a medium health and ammo pack to the computer room.
- Removed RED's medium ammo pack on the ramp.
- Removed RED's small health kit in their spawn hallway.
- Added a medium health and ammo pack to RED's highground crates.
- Added a medium ammo pack next to the generator near the fence area.
- Gave RED an additional spawn exit towards B. Sorry pyros!

- Divided the studio room in half, RED controls one half and BLU controls the other.
- Created a choke which I'm going to have to rework with retrospect.
- Added a small health kit in front of BLU's 2 doors before the movie set.
- Removed the small ammo pack on the moon landing set.
- Added a crate jump to get on that little bit of high ground next to C.
- Added a shortcut through the studio room to speed up BLU to getting to last. Opens after BLU pushes the cart towards the bridge instead of opening on C capture.

- Removed the crate sentry spot and just put a massive metal beam in it's place.
- Gave RED less cover to defend with.
- Opened the entrance room to the right flank.
- Added a missing patch under the medium pack in the containment room.
- Moved the small health kit behind the beam on RED's highground to in front of the computers on the bottom.
- Removed RED's one-way spawn in the containment room.
- Added a second window to the once cramped window room, BLU's left flank.
- Added a crate jump giving RED's access to the window room.
- Gave BLU more cover going down into the underground route.


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With the time left on the B2B contest, it's almost like I have to make the map again in 72hrs seeing as how much I'll have to overhaul! Hopefully everything is getting better. The once tight choke of B has been redone to give BLU multiple ways of attacking and flanking the cart path.

- Opened up the skybox across the map, may lead to lower fps.
- Increased detailing and texturing

BLU Spawn:
No significant changes.

- The lower sewer path has been elevated to meet the track.
- The cave entrance to the right of A has been replaced with a building.
- A new cave path has opened to the left of A.
- BLU's first forward spawn now has an exit in the new cave path instead of infront of A.
- A door now closes when B is capped to block off an unimportant route and prevent BLU from taking a wrong turn out of spawn.

- 75% Overhauled! Changes of note:
+ The wooden planks over the cart path have been replaced with an enclosed bridge. The theory is that BLU is going to need control of the bridge to push through the lower arch choke.
+ BLU's old cave flank has been replaced with a building which gives an alternate route to the cart path and a route to the bridge.
+ The shipping platform in RED's alternate entrance to B has been extended.
+ RED now has an easier time retreating to C through a new door on their high ground.

- Reduced the size of the ammo pack in the studio room.
- BLU's second forward spawn now appears before the C choke instead of on the B point. This should reduce significantly reduce the amount of walking time for BLU after capping C.

- No significant changes.


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You all asked for it, I did a complete revamp of A to make it look less like Overwatch because apparently I can't have a map with a cliff and a gas station. Also A played like garbage and I needed a good excuse to get rid of it.

The new A features: Decent choke points! A semi-balanced, overpowered flanking option! Area 49 & Area 50! A cliff that isn't total bullshit! And so much more!

- New Skybox & New Lighting
- Basic detailing and texturing
- The cart should actually move now

Blu Spawn:
- Overhauled Blu spawn to fit in with the new A point

- The A point has been semi-completely reworked to keep the same ideas that the original game spaces had, but now they're actually decent.

- The small cave entrance can no longer be accessed until A is capped.
- Reduced the ammo pack at the main choke to be a Medium instead of a Full.
- Blu can now contest Red's high ground with an added barrel jump.
- The one-way window in Red's spawn is now two-way.
- Re-added the small health kit on the wooden bridge.
- Added an new concrete block on top of the existing concrete block.
- Added more cameras.

- The ammo and health packs near the door have been moved to Red's alternate ramp room.
- Blu now has an additional path past the choke in the form of a one-way drop in a vent
- Reduced the size of the health pack in the studio from a Medium to a Small.
- Made the alternate entrance behind the blue screen more obvious to attackers and defenders.
- Gave Blu some crates to peak over Red's red brick wall.

- No significant changes.
The payload cart should actually move now, don't know how I missed that one in testing.
Finally got to get out a new version of Route 51, delayed by replacing my old PC. The main content of A4 is improves last by making it easier to defend and to change around cliff at the first point.

- Increased detailing to give more of an "Area 51" feel
- Improved clipping across the map
- Fixed a few skybox issues
- Generally tried to make the map feel a bit more open

BLU Spawn:
- Moved the truck and placed some cows inside of it

- Expanded the size of the cliff face to make it easier to attack from
- Added another entrance to the gas station
- Removed a sightline that lead directly into BLU Spawn
- Replaced the glass skylight with a metal cover
- Reduced the amount of Ammo defending engineers have access to
- Added more cactus to really capture the spirit of the cactus canyon clone

- More cameras
- Gave BLU a medium health kit to support their push into B
- Expanded the area where RED has to defend near the loading bay door and the mine entrance
- Replaced the fence near the loading bay with a door
- Increased the delay on the main B door opening to hopefully give retreating REDs more time to escape

- Added a new side flank behind the blue screen to support attackers and make the area feel less like a massive choke
- Removed the small health kit on the movie set
- Added more cover around the point to make the area feel more like a massive choke
- Decreased the attackers priority to go into the editing studio to capture C

- Removed the connector between RED's spawn and the window room
- Decreased the size of the window room
- Added more cover for defenders on the top platform
- Split RED's top balcony into two separate spaces
- Slightly increased the chances of RED spawning in their alternate spawn
- Replaced the medium health pack next to the cart track with a small
- Added a boost to the once one-way drop


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The main contents of the A3 update included a remake of BLU spawn and the last point.

Video Changelog: [InDev Link]

General Changes:
- Increased Detailing
- Changed the light_env to increase the amount of light in the map
- Cleaned-up the 'No Entry' textures on the func_respawnroomviz.

BLU Spawn:
- Remade the sizes of the exits and replaced the shutter doors to be setup gate doors.
- Added an entirely new spawnroom section

- Minor redesign to the gas station including walls and a two skylights
- Moved the rocks nears the gas station to block unfair sightlines
- Increased the size of the cliff area but shrunk the cliff entrance to A

- Moved BLU's flank to RED's high ground so it doesn't lead out directly into RED's spawn exit
- Added an additional fence to RED's high ground
- Rebalanced the pickups to favor defending on the high ground
- Moved a side ramp into Area 51
- Removed rocks and added more cactus
- Area 51 door no longer immediately opens upon capturing B to allow RED members to hopefully escape on B being captured.
- When B is captured, RED's forward spawn now shows a no-entry do instead of a regular shudder door.

- Cleaned up the angles at the back of C
- Removed BLU's one-way wooden flank
- Provided more incentives for both teams to enter the studio room
- Added a small rollback zone infront of C
- Added water in front of RED's forward spawn exit

Last A3 and A2 cannot be properly compared due to last being remade.


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The main contents of this update include:
  • Fixed Red spawning in their last spawn too soon
  • Changed Blu's Spawn Doors
  • Moved Ammo/Health Packs in favor of the defenders
  • Removed the ability for players to stand on top of the wood frame at C
  • Increased the chance to Red to spawn in their lower spawn at last


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